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Organ Symphony Assistant is a collection of audio files that recreates the complete orchestration of the great masterworks written for organ and orchestra. These recreations are intended to be played while you play along with the organ part! 

You will find over 35 individual works for organ and ensemble, everything from the Handel Organ Concerti to the Jongen Symphonie Concertante.

How it all started 

Many years ago, a dear colleague had decided age had gotten the better of her keyboard skills and it was time to give up much of her organ music. It was offered to me and, among this very nice collection, was the Organ Concerto in G Minor by Francis Poulenc. It looked in perfect condition.  I knew the piece well and was excited to have it.  However, much like it did with my friend, the score remained untouched, tucked away in my library.  I would look at it periodically but, because of the very slim chances I would have to perform it, never felt the inspiration to study it.   

Having had a great deal of experience with the notation software, Sibelius, I began to experiment with transcribing some simpler scores for organ and orchestra with the intention of playing the organ part along with an audio version of the orchestra. Soon after, I tackled the more complex Poulenc Organ Concerto score.  It was a challenging project but, after a first listening, I was excited and even inspired by what I heard.  The score that had remained untouched for so many years was finally going to be learned and played!  I transcribed more scores, improved the technology, even introducing editing features for the end-user.  It was then that-

Organ Symphony Assistant was born. 

 What is Organ Symphony Assistant

Organ Symphony Assistant (OSA) is similar to the "Music Minus One" Series, created in 1950 and still widely in use today.  A recording (usually available as a CD or downloadable file) is made "minus" you, the soloist. "Music Minus One" users play along with a full orchestration of master-works, like many of the great piano concertos that we know and love.  Unfortunately, there has never been anything created for the great masterworks composed for organ and orchestra. 

Organ Symphony Assistant levels the playing field!

Who would find Organ Symphony Assistant useful?

  • The performer who is preparing for a concert

  • The student who would like to get better at ensemble performance

  • Organists, amateur or professional, who would enjoy playing ensemble repertoire from the comfort of their home

  • Churches or small venues who would be excited about the opportunity to hear full-scale organ and orchestral works in real-time.