Organ Symphony Assistant is a collection of audio files that recreates the complete orchestration of some of the great masterworks written for organ and orchestra. These recreations are designed to be played while you play the organ part. 

How it all started

Many years ago, a dear colleague had decided age had gotten the better of her abilities and it was time to give up much of her organ music. It was offered to me and among this very nice collection was the Organ Concerto in G Minor by Francis Poulenc. It looked in perfect condition.  I knew the piece well and was excited to have it.  However, much like it did with my friend, the score remained untouched, tucked away in my collection.  I would look at it periodically but never felt inspired to learn it because of the very slim chances I would have to play it with the required ensemble of strings and tympani.

Having used technology as a tool for composing choral scores, I began experimenting with the process of transcribing orchestral scores. My first attempt at a concerto was the First Organ Concerto by Josef Rheinberger. It is a small orchestration with fairly traditional harmonies and rhythms.  The results were credible enough for me to continue experimenting. 

I then remembered my Poulenc Organ Concerto score.  I knew this transcription would be challenging but I moved forward with the project.  In the end, I became very excited and inspired by what I heard.  The Poulenc Organ Concerto score that had remained untouched for so many years was finally going to be learned and played

It was then that Organ Symphony Assistant was born. 

What is Organ Symphony Assistant? 

Organ Symphony Assistant (OSA) is similar to the "Music Minus One" Series which was created in the mid 1950's and is still widely used today.  A recording (usually available as a CD) is made "minus" you, the soloist. "Music Minus One" users get to play along with a full orchestration of masterworks, like the concertos of Beethoven.  Unfortunately, there has never been anything created for the great masterworks written for organ and orchestra.   

What makes OSA audio files different from Music Minus One is the player has the option of editing the orchestra parts!  Although the audio scores have been edited for dynamics and tempo and are "performance ready", further changes can be made by you.  Also included are OSA-edited sheet music organ scores specifically designed to be used with the OSA audio files.

Additional pieces are always being prepared.  If you have a piece you would like to see as part of the OSA collection, let me know.   

If you have ever given thought to the possibility of studying any of these great pieces,  I hope Organ Symphony Assistant will give you the desire and inspiration.  Please click the link below to see how you can get started.




The OSA collection currently includes the following masterworks: 

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  • Mozart                   4 Selected Church Sonatas 

  • C. P. E. Bach         Concerto in G           

  • Handel                  4 Selected Organ Concertos 

  • Haydn                    Organ Concerto in C

  • Rheinberger         Organ Concertos 1 & 2       

  • Guilmant               Organ Symphonies 1 & 2 

  • Gigout                    Grand Choeur Dialogue                  


  •  Saint-Saens         Symphony no. 3 excerpts

  • Dubois                  Fantaisie Triomphale  

  • Jongen                  Symphonie Concertante                 

  • Respighi               Suite in G Major  

  • Hindemith           Kammermusik no. 7                       

  • Poulenc                Organ Concerto in G Minor  

  • Dupre                   Cortege et Litanie

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