Laura V. Belanger had an interest in music composition and arranging at an early age.  She often arranged music for high school ensembles and had the good fortune of being part of a free style music class at her high school where composition was a focus. She also attended an experimental summer arts program where she had the opportunity to meet and work with composer, Richard Cumming

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At Manhattan School of Music, Laura studied both organ and music theory. Her organ professors included Bronson Ragan and Frederick Swann. While at MSM, Laura also studied composition with Ursula Mamlok and Ludmila Ulehla.  Upon graduation, she received the Bronson Ragan Award for outstanding organ performance.   

After college, Laura spent many years directing church choirs and choral organizations, continuing to compose and arrange music.  It was at First Parish Church, Sherborn, MA that Laura began to cultivate her composing skills.  She wrote numerous smaller choral pieces still in use today at First Parish.  It was at that point that Laura began to explore the possibility of making her music more widely available with many of those pieces becoming the basis for Laura's collection, O That I Had a Thousand Voices.  For more information about Laura's music, please email her below. 

Laura has always had an interest in how technology can be used to aid in the learning of music.  She worked many years for Marshall Ogletree Associates, a firm that has pioneered the advancement of sophisticated electronic organs. This influence of technology eventually led to her creating Organ Symphony Assistant for the promotion of music composed for organ and orchestra.