Getting Started with  Organ Symphony Assistant


What you'll need


You will need access to a church or home organ.  Organ Symphony Assistant audio files are available in many different styles from the Baroque to the Modern so an instrument with a comprehensive stoplist will make the OSA experience more enjoyable.  


It is important to learn the score well before starting to play it with the ensemble.  OSA will supply a PDF copy of the score for learning purposes, many with visible orchestral cues and click track staves.


OSA Files are available in two formats:  
1. Video Sheet Music (downloaded instantly)  
2. Flash Drive (for those interested in more advanced features; received via post)

A. Organ Symphony Assistant Video Sheet Music, is intended for use via a tablet, preferably an iPad (the larger, the better).  As an option, you can also purchase an interface for a direct connection from your iPad to an Audio System.

Video Sheet Music can also be used with a computer and moderately-sized (19'') flat-screen computer monitor, safely situated on your music desk.

B. Organ Symphony Assistant Flash Drives that you have purchased that will be mailed to you and will contain your select collection of audio files. You will need a computer with a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW), either Reaper (recommended) or Cubase.

A DAW is a great option for creating audio possibilities like orchestral editing and multi-tracking.

Which Format is best for me?

Video Sheet Music:  
1. Available instantly  
2. No need for a computer or Digital Audio Workstation (although can be used with a DAW for  some editing)  
3.  Visual Click Track eliminates need for an in-ear click track
4. Automatic page turning 

Learn more at Video Sheet Music Instructional Page



Flash Drive:  
1. Better options for overall sound editing  
2. Better options for refinement of individual instrumental tracks  
3. Multi-Channel options for orchestral instruments  
(Video Sheet Music is only available in a 2-channel stereo format) 
4. Using ForScore, page editing is easier

Learn more at USB Flash Drive Instructional Page


Your playback system can be as simple or elaborate as you like, anything from headphones to a full PA system. 


Please visit the next page to listen and see Organ Symphony Assistant in Action:  Audio and Video Samples