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 Getting Started with  Organ Symphony Assistant

what you'll need


You will need access to a church or home organ.  Organ Symphony Assistant audio files are available in many different styles from the Baroque to the Modern so an instrument with comprehensive stoplist will make the OSA experience more enjoyable.  


It is important to learn the score well before starting to play it with the orchestra.  OSA will supply a PDF copy of the score, most with orchestral cues and a click track.

There is also an optional video sheet music format that is available for some pieces. This potentially eliminates the use of a click track.

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The key to Organ Symphony Assistant is your USB drive that will contain your collection of audio files. When you purchase an OSA collection you will receive by mail, a USB drive with project files that will work with a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW). We only recommend Reaper or Cubase Pro digital audio workstations.


You will need a computer with a DAW program installed.  

Your playback system can be as simple or elaborate as you like. After opening your collection, you can simply listen to it with headphones or a connected audio system. 

To hear samples of Organ Symphony Assistant project files, please click the OSA Samples link 

For more information regarding setup for Organ Symphony Assistant, please visit the

OSA Technical Page.