Hushed are the pigeons cooing low
On dusty rafters of the loft;
And mild-eyed oxen, breathing soft,
Sleep on the fragrant hay below.

Dim shadows in the corner hide;
The glimmering lantern's rays are shed
Where one young lamb just lifts his head,
Then huddles 'gainst his mother's side.

Strange silence tingles in the air;
As a faint glow came from afar
A special light from just one star
Touches a baby's radiant hair.

No sound: the mother, kneeling, stays,
Pressing her cheek against the little face.
Oh human love! Oh heavenly grace!
'Tis yet in silence that she prays!

Ages of silence end tonight;
Then to the long expectant earth
Glad angels come to greet his birth
In burst of music, love, and light!